Mentoring and Induction

Guiding the next generation of teahers to become reflective problem solvers and decision makers in the classroom

The 2014-2015 Mentoring and Induction calendar is available.  Administrators: look for an email sent 4/16/14 for more information or look on the Administrator website. (left hand side link) The link is available on each webpage.

We are excited for the changes in Mentoring and Induction for 14-15. Especially exciting is the new link with AEA 267's IT department. Mentors, Veteran Mentors and Beginning Teachers will choose six hours of technology training so they can better use technology in the classroom to enhance student learning. See the calendar for more information!

Do you have a beginning teacher that needs a "specialist" mentor? The New Teacher Center offers an online opportunity that pairs a content like specialist with a beginning teacher. More information on the administrator website. (left hand side link)


All teachers have an obligation to contribute to the learning of other teachers of the school and learn from the other teachers. Micheal Fullan

Contact Marcia Knupp with questions and comments.