Program Evaluation Tools

Program evaluation is more than simply collecting survey data from a course offering. It is about the collection and analysis of multiple sources of data to answer several critical questions so conclusions can be made regarding the effectiveness of the services that were delivered and continuous improvement efforts can move forward. These questions at a minimum should include:

As AEA 267 PD work teams strive to answer these questions, they are expected to engage in formal program evaluation activities and discussions.  Furthermore, as agency continuous improvement and corework responsibilities are attended to, work teams are expected to submit formal documentation and summary information that such program evaluation efforts did in fact occur. 

To meet these expectations AEA work teams are being encouraged to develop a formal program evaluation report.  To assist with these expectations, a Microsoft Word Program Evaluation Report template has been developed.  This template includes a sample format structure as well as helpful hints for the type of information that should be included in such a report.

Sample completed Program Evaluation reports (from past agency efforts) will be made available soon.

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Pd eval tools template